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Intimate Waxing

Basic bikini - removes hair outside pant line £12


Brazilian - removes all hair leaving landing strip over pubic mound £22


Hollywood - as a Brazilian, leaving no hair at all £25

Don't shave or remove the hair in any other way for 3 weeks before your appointment

Clients must ensure hair growth is at least 5mm to maximise results – about the length of a grain of rice.

Clients are also advised to ex-foliate and moisturise in the run up to a wax to maximise results – also recommended regularly to discourage ingrown hairs


Other things to note include:

Waxing can cause tenderness and raised follicles, particularly on first or irregular sessions. This is normal and again very short lived.

You’ll be given further after-care advice at your appointment.

Loose cotton clothing is recommended to help keep waxed areas cool.

Clients should bathe prior to waxing (avoiding all lotions and potions) as hot baths are not advised after treatment.


Waxing after-care tips

Moisturise the waxed area regularly. If you are moisturising your intimate bits, be sure to use an appropriate cream or oil that won’t aggravate these most sensitive of areas.

Ex foliate the waxed area several times a week to help avoid dead skin cells.

Soothing lotions and gels, especially those containing products such as tea-tree oil, aloe Vera and witch-hazel helps alleviate irritation.



No fake tans, extreme heat treatments (e.g. very hot baths or showers, saunas, steam rooms), swimming, sunbathing (including sun beds or any other exposure to UV light) or tight clothing for 24-48 hours.

Try and avoid exercise for 24-hours.

Do not scratch or touch the area with unwashed hands.

In the unlikely event that your skin has not returned to normal after 48 hours, seek advice from your GP.

Advice & After care

for intimate waxing

Recommended after care products are available to purchase